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From A Chassidishe farbrengen we have Learning Chassidus before prayer. While you are doing your Pesach prep you might want to stop and read the Passover Humor Files.

You might ask Who Arranges The Seats. Yechezkel and I have a difference of opinion on the Conservative perspective of halacha versus Orthodox.There is literal and there is divinely inspired and that provides a world of difference, but we’ll address that at a later time.

My friend the Rebbetzin’s Husband shared This Is a Shul Rabbi which reminded me of some conversations with my father about what is appropriate and what is not. He also wrote How To Lynch Your Rabbi which also helped to remind me why I chose not to follow that path.

In The Pink wants to talk to you about selling Chametz and the Pesach Master Shopping List. And finally posts like this make me want to scream and berate people who exhibit sheep like behavior. Really, it is ok to help, Chazal said so. Ugh. People need help, you help.

Lo yodeya shared mi.yodeya – An online community for Q&A about Jewish life and learning. At Fear No Question they discuss how to determine if religious innovation is heading for the slope.

Frum Satire is handing out the Best of Shul Awards. What do you do when Rabbonim Defend the Indefensible. Maybe we aren’t Frummer Than the Pope.

Parsha Blog wants to know Is the Samaritan spelling of Yimatzei (with an aleph) correct? Do Chazal have the same? and Introducing the Absolut Haggadah, 2010 Edition.

The Ima is Tweeting the Exodus.

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